Collector's Choice - Werner Grub

Every month we invite a prominent collector to recommend three pieces selected from the PROJECT PAPYROPHILIA inventory. We are delighted to introduce Werner Grub: Hi Werner, how did you get into collecting initially? From childhood onwards I was always fascinated by the beauty of design, craft and the expression of the unseen, unknown or the opening of new ways. I loved to meet creative and artistic people who had a different way of looking at the world. From there it is a short journey to start buying a small piece or two. You can immerse yourself in a new paradigm which keeps challenging your views and feeds your imagination. You lived and worked in Frankfurt for some time. Having a...

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Curator's Choice - Zavier Ellis

Every month project curator Zavier Ellis recommends three pieces from the PROJECT PAPYROPHILIA inventory:  Zavier, was it a tough choice? That is a big understatement considering I am a huge fan of all of these artists, work with them all, represent some of them and have most of them in my collection! Who did you go for and why these artists? I’ve gone solely on instinctive personal impact and I’ve chosen Richard Moon, Alex Gene Morrison and Dominic Shepherd. OK, tell me a bit about each selection starting with Richard Moon: This is the second scissor drawing I’ve seen by Richard and both of them really intrigue me. Richard has wonderful technique and fascinating subject matter. There is always inevitably...

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Featured Artist - Michael Boffey

We asked featured artist Michael Boffey to expand on his practice: Hi Michael, what are the main themes in your work? There are motifs that recur, including images of cut flowers, stopped clocks, repeat wallpapers and vessels, such as vases and furniture and fragments of rooms. I think of these objects as mementos; they seem ubiquitous, but have a surplus of significance, because they are containers for memories. There is a strong sense of nostalgia and the historical. Is your work autobiographical? An element of autobiography is inevitable, because my thoughts are impregnated with images of my past. The work is not limited to specific histories, but it is helpful to acknowledge and ruminate on aspects of the past in order to...

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